Review: ‘The Samuel Project’ a Labor of Love

October 11, 2018

Inspirational and evocative, the movie The Samuel Project conveys how love of family can make a difference in one’s outlook on life. Nicely played out with a kind heartfelt story it’s a soft approach to an awful time during the Nazi regime that took so many innocent lives. By using teens that are so far removed from the war years, you can see how out of touch the younger generation is when it comes to world history.

High school teen Eli (Ryan Ochoa) loves to draw in his spare time, especially heroes and antiheroes, but Robert (Michael B. Silver) his father is not too keen about it especially since the boy keeps to himself. One day Eli’s Multimedia class gets interrupted by the principal as she brings in Kasim (Mateo Arias) a student who has to finish the year in another class since his metal shop was cancelled. The teacher give the class their year-end project, “Tell a story that teaches a lesson from history no matter how unknown, using a multimedia format that we have studied in class.” When he tells the class to pair off with another student, Eli ends up with Kasim a rock and roll hopeful who works for his dad Vartan (Ken Davitian) who owns a butcher shop.

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